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A Journey of Transformation

Updated: May 23, 2021

Chimnese Davids, have been truly blessed with the gift of writing since she was incredibly young. In the writer’s own words, she describes her writing, “writing I was tapping into my inner soul and it was there that I could not lie to what I was facing in my young life growing up on the Cape Flats, in Cape Town. When the words I was writing stirred emotions within me that I could not deny. There is much I can say about writing, but the one conclusion that really stood out, was this: “That there is power in words, power to express and to heal. My imagination never gave up on me and always finds ways to explore what my emotions entail. Words are God’s gift to mend a broken soul.”

It had always been a dream for the aspiring author to be published and it was until she found a publishing company that believed that her work was worth being in print. Her Editor, Myra Lochner gave her the opportunity to publish her first poetry bundle, Muses of Wandering Passions.”

Since then, she published her second book “No Greater Love Than This”. It was during a time in the young authors life that she lost not just herself, and all she owned in material possessions including the sudden death of her cousin who were more like a sister to her. The passing of her cousin brought the grief-stricken author to realize that life is fleeting and that she truly needed to turn her life around. It was here that she started to tap into her spiritual side and building a relationship with God and that had been her anchor through the trials and tribulations of this life.

With this said it was also the beginning of her healing process when she started to write her own memoir Redeeming Soul that expresses her experiences through her brokenness from being in abusive relationship to wanting to not be another status quo, but to surrender to God with all her being.

It was through this medium that she was open to share her testimony and founded Kingdom Writer Explorer a mentorship and guiding others to fulfil their dream of being a writer. Chimnese is an advocate for women empowerment and helping those whose have no voice but want to be able to defend themselves and their feelings. Her goal is to be the difference within her own community and City to highlight that we as women can achieve our dreams if we tap into the unknown, knowing that we are capable of so much more. She is also a go getter and love outdoors especially going on pilgrimages not just to other countries, but even using what she is learned on her life path with those open to receive healing.

“I believe that we need more mentors that are willing to help our young ones and lead them with godly guidance into the world,” in her own words.

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