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A Model’s Life

Who goes to work and gets their body measured and recorded on a weekly basis? Who tries on clothes all day with a team of patternmakers, designers and merchandisers in an effort to perfect the fit of the clothing garment for mass production? Who needs to stay within plus or minus a quarter of an inch by contract? A fit model - a career unknown to most people outside of the fashion industry.

Heather Mathes began print, runway and showroom modeling in 1988. She continued modeling professionally after graduating from college in 1993 before signing her first contract fit modeling with a major national retailer in 1996. After a 10-consecutive-year fit modeling contract, as well as modeling for other companies outside of her contract, she retired to become a mom in 2008. She then came out of retirement in 2016 at the age of 46 to continue fit modeling for the same company at the exact measurements she was in her twenties, not because she was under contract, but because she had developed health and wellness methods that kept her weight from fluctuating. These methods and more are what she shares in her book Paid to Be Perfect.

Heather fully enjoys what's on her plate and lives by the motto that she eats whatever she wants, whenever she wants while maintaining her natural size. She shares how others can find their natural, effortless size at ANY size or ANY age and how to MAINTAIN that size while getting pleasure from the one thing we will do every day on this earth, eat. She believes that food choices should bring us contentment and satiation without counting calories or portion controlling and that all of us are meant to be at our natural sizes. And in fact, she believes that learning how to eat properly for your own body is one of the best ways to become or enhance YOUR perfect.

Her book also shares her fitness, skin care and wellness methods as well as all she knows about the modeling industry for anyone aspiring to become a fit model.

Paid to Be Perfect is for anyone wanting in on the many secrets Heather shares in an effort to find their own perfect.

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