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A Virtual Ride Like No Other: The Role of the RV Podcast

Updated: May 23, 2021

The world is full of people today who want their voices heard. Yet, many aren’t able to find the right platform to get their thoughts out there. If you are looking for support and help in this, perhaps RV is the right spot for you! Done virtually and all about helping give people a platform for their voice, this is all about getting the word out.

What is RV?

Standing for Relatable Voice, RV is a podcast that I’ve designed to help authors, creators, and talented individuals get the word out about their amazing work, and its movement. The goal of my podcast is to spread the word about whatever my guest is promoting, and it also helps get access to people that they otherwise may not have been able to reach.

How does RV work?

When a guest decides to meet with me on RV, they are able to enjoy a 25-30-minute interview that is broadcasted through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. This will go out to all those who wish to subscribe and listen-in!

This is paired with an article that I publish on my blog to help push their message further and engage those who prefer reading to listening.

Now, I am also proud to announce that I am partnering up with BrandEducation where guests will also have their article published in this eMagazine as well as another platform in which the podcast can be enjoyed.

Lastly, guests also get shouts across social media channels with RV and this can often help them interact with followers in a totally fun and transferable way.

The main selling points of this podcast

There are so many reasons why creators of all kinds -- be them songwriters, poets, or wordsmiths -- should consider being featured on RV. One of the biggest ones is that this is designed specifically for you -- the writer of the words. You’ll get direct access to a built-in audience that already loves what you do and wants to engage more with you.

Then there’s the fact that RV is all about pushing you to an audience across as many channels as possible! The podcast, the blog post, the eMagazine and audio podcast, and social media are all going to work to give you access to everyone you want to access -- and then some!

The other feature is that some of my guests are able to enjoy a cartoon version of themselves in the RV with me, and that’s a great part of branding for all of those who are interested.

The other main benefit is that I’m all about promoting you and your creations. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a platform, this is a great chance to get the word out about what you create!

Where does the RV come into play?

Most word lovers enjoy a good pun and I am no exception. I love to give you a virtual ride in my RV via my podcast! I also throw in great prizes such as cartoons, videos, and more. I’m all about making sure that all of my guests “have a lift” to wherever