“Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story”

My name is Aleksandra and I am the author of “Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story” – a children’s book written actually for the Readers of all ages! My novel was published by Wipf and Stock/Resource Publications on the 13th of October 2021. I had been dreaming about becoming an author since I was four years old and that was also the time when I began writing my diary. I never stopped. Writing allows me to make sense of my life and comprehend the world around me. I also feel that writing is a powerful activity and a blessing which allows one to invite goodness and beauty into our world by means of the written word. Whatever has been written down can be turned into a wish gradually coming true. Thus, writing is responsibility and beauty in itself.

In my daily life, I am an Assistant Professor at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland. Teaching literature and working with my students is a great joy to me. In my free time, I write poetry and stories in order to accommodate my life with the right words. I enjoy the nineteenth-century British literature, especially everything written by Anthony Trollope and Wilkie Collins. One of my favourite literary characters is the Cheshire Cat. Without a doubt, Bunky is also my favourite literary character! I also love gardening and baking chocolate cakes.

My novel was inspired by the events from 2019 when Chris and I travelled to London for a conference. On our way back from the British Museum, we saw a plush mascot of a Blue Hippo – the Hippo had such an intriguing face expression – he was slightly happy, slightly angry and slightly ironic. I immediately thought that a very intriguing story and amazing adventures could be hiding behind this genuine and complex face expression! The Blue Hippo wasn’t idealized, and I also hoped to create the hero who wouldn’t be perfect – thus, my Bunky came to life – the hero who is kind-hearted and noble, yet constantly struggling with himself. In this respect, he resembles every Reader, as we are all struggling inwardly with our imperfections.

“Bunky and the Walms” is a Christmas story, but also a story for every day of the year, as it conveys the universal truths of living a good, noble life – a very Bunky life or, bunkyful life – as my protagonist Bunky would say. The plot consists of two layers: Bunky is awaiting Christmas and his longed-for Christmas present, but he will have to learn that sometimes we cannot receive what we’ve been hoping for what, at the same time, results in unexpected and very positive outcomes. Moreover, Bunky is writing his own story on the pages of my novel and, at some point, Bunky’s world will connect with his literary world and he will have to become as heroic as he is presenting himself on the pages of his tale. Being the hero of one’s everyday life is the hardest task, but Bunky, with all his imperfections and nobility, is up to this task! Moreover, throughout the novel, Bunky is dreaming about encountering the Bunky Princess – a literary character who he created on the pages of his book. Is it possible to connect Bunky’s world with the literary realm? The Readers will find out while reading the story!

While writing “Bunky and the Walms”, I felt that the world of my characters surrounded me in an almost tangible way. One day, I took a thread and a needle and made my own mascots of Bunky and the Bunky Princess. I also made their clothes. Now, my Bunkies accompany me in everyday life and bring me so much joy! In hopes that they could offer a similar happiness to my Readers, we have designed our special Bunky mascots, so that every Reader can invite Bunky and the Bunky Princess into their life! More about Bunky mascots and my magical, literary world can be found on my webpage: www.aleksandratryniecka.com

Dear Readers, I would like to thank you so much for joining Bunky, the Bunky Princess and me on this incredible literary journey! Without you, it wouldn’t be complete. Welcome to Bunky’s fairyland of Walmland!

More about the novel…

Bunky and the Walms is a novel about the power of friendship, courage, loyalty, and nobility! What will happen if one slightly grumpy and complaining Bunky suddenly has to become a brave Christmas Hero, repair Santa Claus' sleigh, and deliver gifts all over the world? And what will happen if the literary world about which Bunky is dreaming while writing his novel enters his reality? Decidedly, this year's Christmas will be Bunky's greatest adventure, yet on this adventure he will not be alone: there will be his best friends, cousin Rodney and a little Wolf Plum, as well as the entire family of Walms, the Elves, the Reindeer, and even Santa Claus himself! From the magical Walmland, through the charming Faroe Islands, and to the very heart of the fantasy world of Bunkyland, Bunky's quest to save Christmas will take him on a memorable journey through different places, but also a journey into his own heart!

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