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Having A Garage Sale Can Change Your Life

Updated: May 23, 2021

Can having a garage sale change your life? Mine did!

After escaping an abusive marriage, I found I could no longer live “the American Dream.” I lost my home to bankruptcy, found that all my money was depleted and I was left with a slew of stuff to sell, just so I could make ends meet. I began the process of physically shedding the extensive material remains of my accumulated memories, hopes and dreams and had a garage sale. The signs and synchronicities I experienced (pennies, dragonflies, repeating numbers, cardinals, songs, feathers, electronic interferences and dream visitations) provided the inspiration needed to switch my career from teacher to writer and pen my 2020 Best Books Award winning and prominently endorsed Spiritual fiction “God Came To My Garage Sale.”

Throughout this garage sale, my heart, soul and mind were opened up to numerous synchronistically-orchestrated Spiritually Transformative Encounters. One mystical experience after another happened during this time and were instrumental in answering the profound lifelong questions we all ask: “What happens when we die?” and “Is there more to this earthly life?” During this revelation it seemed that our world’s collective consciousness was also simultaneously entering an era of major transformation. There was most definitely a personal shift (along with a universal shift) that led me to embrace the concept of a Higher Power as I became increasingly open to Spirituality.

At my garage sale, mystical Spiritual encounters came out of nowhere and seemed to be uniquely personalized. Pennies found on the ground at random places were dated with my alienated child’s birth year; uniquely colored feathers would appear unexpectedly; red cardinals regularly pecked at the windows when I experienced moments of sadness; developed photographs revealed recognizable faces present inside of light-filled orbs; the repeating numbers 11:11 and my birthdate showed up constantly; cool breezes were felt, immediately followed by silhouettes of Angels; celestial visions materialized and then disappeared into thin air; numerous dragonflies would gather and swirl around me in a dance; my late mother’s favorite songs would play on the radio every time I thought of her; the sweet aroma of my deceased aunt’s perfume would periodically fill the air; and lights would flicker on and off with every mention of a late girlfriend.

These Heavenly events could not be ignored because there were too many to dismiss. I began seeking answers by practicing mindful meditation, attending metaphysical workshops, consulting oracle cards and devouring anything and everything supernatural to provide insight. The most incredible and compelling moments were the accurate readings from several psychic mediums, as they gave one validating confirmation after another, all filled with precise, detailed and exclusive information about my deceased loved ones.

These amazing and enlightening experiences opened up my world to the reality that there truly is a God. Our departed loved ones have not left us and are still very much “alive.” Our Spiritual souls and personalities transition and continue on after our physical death on earth. I now embrace the concepts that there are no coincidences and events are synchronistically orchestrated by Divine intervention. I believe the painful trials and tribulations experienced on this earthly plane are really karmic lessons that we choose to receive as part of our soul’s contract which we plan and agree to before we are born. As a result of my garage sale and subsequent Spiritual Awakening, my soul was saturated with acceptance, forgiveness, love, light and a new awareness and perspective.

So yes, having a garage sale can change your life. It changed mine!

By Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro