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Hitch a ride with the RV!

Are you an aspiring writer? The RV podcast is a good resource for any person entering the writing world. So many authors have been guests on this podcast, and we discuss topics such as self-publishing, dealing with writer’s block and finding inspiration.

The concept of “The Relatable Voice” came from its happy creator, Lucia, and her discovery

that it’s not very often that authors and creators get a chance to share their story. Beyond tiny blurb on the back of a book, if that, not many people know much about them.

From that lightbulb moment, The Relatable Voice was born specifically to bring in guest speakers that were interested in sharing their own stories as authors to all those who wanted to hear them.

The goal of this exciting podcast is to get a conversation going. Be it about the environment, mental health, or modern society, Lucia focuses on bringing authors and independent creators that have something to say about it. Each podcast episode aims to dig deep into the author or creator’s life and offers up a great opportunity to make their voices heard to listeners.

By participating in their own episode, each creator gets a chance to share their thoughts and ideas with all those who listen, and also make sure that people know that they are more than just a picture on the back of a book.

The RV is also partnering up with Formatted Books to help any future author. Formatted Books can help you format your text before publishing and can custom design your book cover. Whether it’s an e-book or print, Formatted Books has got you covered. Visit to find more.

On a related note, do you need some good book recommendations? If you like reading, The RV can definitely help you out. With authors being featured each episode, there is shortage of great books you should check out! Don’t miss Season 2 which is out now. Thank you so much for joining us on this ride - the RV wouldn’t be possible without you.

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