Jason Potter is helping people to become what they were created to be.

Updated: May 23, 2021


In March 2020 like many other countries in the world, Australia went into a COVID 19 lockdown. People could only leave home under very limited circumstances, schools were closed, public transport stopped running, planes were grounded and borders closed. Jason Potter was at home with his wife and four children. Jason and his wife both work in local schools so they spent their time working with students and helping their own children keep up with their school work. It was during this time that a book Jason had been working on began to come to fruition.

“it was a challenging time,” said Jason. “While in Australia we have had it much easier than the rest of the world, and in many ways we have very little idea of how bad living with COVID 19 has been for people in other countries, being in lockdown is a very unusual experience and one that gets so frustrating you really need to focus on something to help get you through it.”

Josiah, a work of fiction that will be released worldwide in just over a weeks’ time is the result of Jason’s focus. “Josiah is a book I have had in my mind for a long time. It’s the story of a young boy who grows up through some pretty challenging experiences who is trying to find his way in life against some pretty big obstacles,” said Jason. It is based on a true story gathered together into a work of fiction designed to encourage and inspire.

Jason was born in Port Lincoln South Australia in 1972 to an agronomist and nurse, the eldest of their four children. Jason's early career was spent working with young people through local churches and community organisations until he was recruited by a Higher Education College in Sydney Australia to set up an innovative industry based educational program.

During the decade Jason spent in education leading and managing two training organisations, he developed a passion for writing. He has written 34 non-fiction study books and materials that have been taught to students all over Australia and in the Pacific Islands on a wide range of subjects. It was through his travels while working in education that he developed a passion for encouraging others.

“People can achieve so much when someone else believes in their ability and gives them an opportunity to be the person they have been created to be,” said Jason. “There is an old saying I have found to be incredibly profound.” “Suffering leads to persistence, persistence creates character and character produces Hope.”

Josiah is a challenging and confronting story that is designed to produce hope in those who read it. In our world at this difficult time in human history maybe Josiah will encourage and inspire you.

Josiah – Published by Unsubscribe Publishing – Worldwide Release May 22nd 2021.

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