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Jennifer Benson Survived a Tsunami in Thailand

Updated: May 27, 2021

Jennifer is an English as a second language teacher from New Berlin, New York. She worked in the Middle East, teaching at various international schools for 13 years. In Qatar, she was also an educational presenter for the United States Embassy. While in Kuwait, Jennifer presented workshops for the NESA educational organization in Thailand and Greece.

This year, Jennifer was published on Dr. Susan Jeffers’ website as she shared her own “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” story about her 13 years abroad. Currently, she is speaking about her “inner ding” journey on radio and podcast shows nationwide and internationally.

In her upcoming memoir, I Survived a Tsunami and So Can You, Jennifer shares her story of leaving home to find herself, spending 13 years in The Middle East, meeting the man she would marry, outrunning a 500 mph tsunami, preparing for chemical warfare and living as an ex-pat.

As listeners engage with Jennifer’s story of paying attention to her inner voice, they will likely think about the messages they need to tune into in their own lives on their own heroic journeys. And just maybe, leap into their next greatest adventure. When your inner voice or “inner ding” calls, will you listen? And see it for the beautiful possibility it is?

Jennifer has now settled back in upstate New York, working both as a writer and teacher.

Facebook: Jennifer Benson Author, Twitter: jenbenwriter, Instagram: jenbenwriter


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