Jennifer Senne, The Wonder Mommy

Updated: May 29, 2021

Like many others, Jennifer Senne dreamed of being successful one day when she was a little girl. She once dreamed of being a doctor to help people who were sick. She also wanted to be a lawyer as a child. However, life happened, and circumstances had changed. Jennifer was once told by someone close to her that she was never going to mount up into anything, and she believed it for a very long time, and this self-limiting belief temporarily paralyzed her mentally. Because of doubt and fear, Jennifer missed so many opportunities in life until one day; she met someone that would change her thinking.

God blessed Jennifer with a loving husband who'd supported her love for learning. Unlike many others, Jennifer loved studying, and despite the challenges that life brought her, she worked on getting her degrees slowly but diligently. Jennifer now holds a master's degree in human services, specializing in executive leadership from Liberty University.

While finishing her degree, it was at Liberty University where she was introduced to the works of the author and leadership master, John Maxwell. Jennifer followed his works and eventually became a member of the John Maxwell Team. She studied leadership and was mentored by John Maxwell, himself, and several other mentors in becoming a speaker, trainer, and coach. Jennifer thrived and was able to apply her skills as she helped run her husband's company, teaching and coaching them about leadership and to lead themselves first before leading others. Jennifer poured valuable time and effort into their business, their staff, and other people.

Jennifer later founded her own company called JRS Leadership Development, where she brought John Maxwell's teaching to her clientele. She facilitated training in different organizations, coached personal growth, and helped teenagers and adults build positive self-esteem. Jennifer also loves giving back to the community. She believes in adding value for free and paying forward. She decided to participate in the John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative, where leaders from around the globe add value to children and youth within their communities, teaching them leadership skills and characters. Jennifer visited different schools speaking about anti-bullying, youth leadership, and positive self-esteem. She continues to add value to herself, something her mentor had taught her, by studying, reading, and surrounding herself with like-minded people. Aside from being a certified trainer and speaker, Jennifer is also a certified parent and family coach.

From a scared little girl to a teenager with low self-esteem, Jennifer learned to step outside of her comfort zone and tried new things she thought were out of her reach. She started writing and publishing her own children's books. In one of his speeches, her mentor, Paul Martinelli, once said "Jump and build your wings on the way down." The quote stuck with her and had become her inspiration whenever she is faced with a new challenge. However, she was also reminded by the same mentor to "Get good" in whatever she does, and that's precisely what she did; Jennifer "got good" and continues to do so in everything she does.

"Unfortunately, failure is part of getting good." According to Jennifer. However, when she failed, she failed forward just like her mentor, John Maxwell, had taught her. She now leads the same mentality to anyone she speaks to. She would always remind her children, colleagues, the youth in her community, and whoever would listen to always fail forward to success.

Jennifer first published her Christmas book, "Believe," in 2017. She then wrote her second book called "Good Morning, Mirror." – A book about the importance of positive self-talk. Jennifer knew she had a lot of learning to do; after all, she was never a writer, to begin with, nor did she ever had a writing background. So, once again, she surrounded herself with like-minded people, from beginner writers to successful best-selling authors. Jennifer, like a sponge, soaked what she could and learned from them. She also wrote, wrote, and wrote to polish her writing skills. In addition, she wrote her blogs and wrote articles for different platforms.

Jennifer did all these while battling chronic illnesses. She lived with a complicated migraine that mimics stroke-like symptoms and a movement disorder called dystonia. Symptoms would usually overlap each other, leaving her with days where Jennifer cannot speak clearly, walk steadily, or even think clearly. Unfortunately, her condition progressed and had become very unpredictable, leaving her with unpredictable days where she is unable to make plans. Because of her illness, Jennifer was forced to only work when she has had months of good health which was seldom.

Many would probably be devastated and feel defeated, as most people with chronic health conditions would be. Still, Jennifer used her newfound free time as an opportunity to write and spread awareness about the debilitating conditions she lives with. In 2019 Jennifer began working on a new book called Wonder Mommy. On and off, she worked on it, revising and editing until she got it to where she wanted it to be - paying tribute to moms with chronic health conditions. Wonder Mommy became Jennifer's pandemic project, and in February 2021, she released it to the public. "I would be lying if I say it isn't nice to become a best-selling author and sell a lot of books; however, my goal is to reach mothers like me who once felt guilty of not being one hundred percent present for their children; due to their condition," Jennifer said. "I want to remind them that their best is enough and that it's okay to take a break, that it's okay to ask for help. I want to remind them that they are wonder mommies despite their condition," she added. She finished her statement by saying, "But most of all, I wrote wonder mommy to give moms aid to explain the unpredictable days they face with their condition positively and show children that even during tough times, their mommies are still a wonder!"

Jennifer continues to add value by becoming an advocate for herself and others, writing, sharing stories, and sharing valuable information to help others who may need assistance. She became an ambassador for the American Migraine Foundation and a writing contributor to several organizations helping spread awareness about the debilitating effects of her health conditions. She also started her own podcast called Empowering Stories With Jenn where she shares stories from different people that uplifts and empower others.

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