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Interview With Matt Lucas

Hello Matt, tell us about yourself.

I’m Matt, hi. A professional martial artist, wellness coach, author, musician, and used to also be a chef. I created a system of training called the YAMA system, redefining yoga and holistic wellness to be more dynamic and adaptable. This was all a big accident. It was my personal way of training, but on tour as a musician in rock bands, I kept picking up people wanting to learn from me. Then I started training some high profile folks and helped them with their injuries. Then I ended up doing stunts and training actors. All this time though, I’ve always just wanted to be a writer. My joy is writing, I train to clear my mind to write, I’m actually not really into athletics or fitness. I write songs, poetry, music, and now books. I just want to create more than I consume during my short time here.

. Where are you from and where do you live?

We moved a lot as kids until the end of elementary school. My father was a Navy Seal that went into radio and announcing for sports teams and Nascar. Thus we traveled A LOT! Spent most of my youth in the south, mainly Pensacola FL. Started touring at age 13, more traveling, then college, lots of traveling still, then settled in Oakland for 20 years, but still traveling for work and living abroad for films and other jobs. Now I just left Oakland to simplify and find a new place to settle and be still. I plan on being nomadic and in nature for about a year, then I’ll decide.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I play music, write, and basically do what I do for work. I train, breathe, and practice the things I love. Music, martial arts, cooking, writing, and ride motorcycles and like to get off road and camp as much as possible.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey?

I’ve always been conveniently outside the crowd, but not an outsider. Since we travelled so much I was ok just being on my own. Started martial arts at age 4 or 5. Music around 11 or 12. I was also a heavy drinker and drug user when I was a kid, age 11-13, started working full time at age 12, touring at age 13, so I was too young to really be a part of the groups at work, or in the bars I was playing in. I won’t get into that too much hahah. It can get a little dark. However, I was blessed with communities of mentors, bad or good. Even criminals want to contribute something positive.

People my age weren’t doing that type of stuff, but I went clean and back heavy on the path of wellness and martial arts at age 13. Once high school hit I was just a musician and chef, working too much to care about school, and I didn’t drink or do enough drugs to hang out too much at parties.

The one thing that has always been a through line in my life though was personal practice and staying disciplined. Since my father was so intense, we had rules to freedom. I use them in what I call “The Matt Lucas Quick Guide.”

Writing, journaling, and having many ways to express myself physically and emotionally kept me slowly releasing the valves of my anger, fear, and darkness. One day I just kinda realized I was happy.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Simple thus creative