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My Birth Dad was a Righteous Brother

Updated: May 23, 2021

L. Strobaugh was born in Los Angeles, California. She was adopted out at six weeks of age and raised by a loving family in Orange County, California. Her favorite beach was Corona del Mar, where she got to go almost every weekend.

She has always loved to write, starting as a youth with poems, then as a teenager writing music, and lastly to children stories and novels.

As a teenager she lived in La Canada, California near the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Sheri learned to play the guitar and piano and that gave her inspiration to write songs. She has always loved music and songs have brought her to tears many times. Little did she know that when she was singing along to You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling, Rock and Roll Heaven and the moving Unchained Melody, she was singing along with her birth dad!

In the song Rock and Roll Heaven, Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield sings a special line, “There’s a spotlight waiting, no matter who you are.” That line made her tear up every time. And at 16 at the time, her girlfriends would always tease her about it.

Sheri was married in Santa Barbara to a beautiful man who is still her handsome prince. After having two children, they decided to move up to Washington State where they ended up raising 4 children on 6 acres with the peace and beauty that helps her write.

She had a close relative pass away suddenly from a heart attack and that got her thinking. She knew nothing of her family history, health wise or other. She decided to ask her dad for help. He said that she could get her Non-Identifying Adoption Paperwork from The Children’s Home Society of Los Angeles. He made a call to them and they sent her the paperwork. Sheri’s mom was not happy at all. She said that it would only bring up a can of worms.

Once she received the Non-Identifying Adoption Paperwork, a whole new chapter was ready to begin. She decided to make the journey to find her birth family. She wanted to know if anyone out there looked like her.