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Summer Vacations 2020.

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The world changed so quickly these last months, and indeed, we are still trying to cope with this new normal way of life. After Covid 19 knocked on our doors, our lives are not the same, and we all need to protect ourselves and other people by using masks, using sanitizing gel and keeping a good distance from each other. Now, In Spain the contaminations got down to the point that people started feeling more confident about going out to exercise, eating out and catching up with friends. However, we all know that we still did not beat this virus and new cases can start to increase at any time.

For more than two months, children were locked down in their houses and unfortunately they were not allowed to go to the school, to meet with friends, nor to go the beach. After learning about my friend’s frustrations for not being able to do much with their kids, and also hearing about their struggles to get them busy, I decided to bring life to some of my paintings and transforming them into awesome characters, who live on the beach.

Knowing that rabbits, fishes, birds and other animals are part of children’s dreams, I put them on the scene, hoping that most of those children would like them.

Guess what? They loved it!

And what about snakes?

Some of us are very scared of reptiles. I am too, BUT any cartoon animal can be cute, even if the animal is a snake who has no friends. Sofia, from “Zoe the Crab”, is a good example of a sweet animal, although she is a snake. We shouldn't judge people by their appearance, right? In the end, I was told that my short story can be read in 40 minutes, but can be remembered for a lifetime. So now is summer in the US and Europe and our children are looking forward to going on vacation. Here are some tips to get the most of your vacations without Covid19:

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