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Expanding Our Horizons

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Have you ever caught an episode of The Relatable Voice podcast?

If you like great stories and learning about new books and authors, then this is the podcast for you.

The RV is expanding its horizons with a brand new “vehicle” to show the podcast’s guests to the world.

How did it all start?

  1. An extreme lockdown

  2. An author who wanted to go out and meet new people

  3. Amazing guests who decided to hitch a virtual ride with her

  4. A podcast created to talk about relatable situations, books and the environment we live in

The RV podcast is bringing you a magazine where you can enjoy beautiful travel destinations, books, current issues, storytelling, wellness, art and more. The contributors for this exciting new publication are all RV guests who took a ride on the podcast, forming this amazing new community. This way, listeners can see the faces behind the voices.

In the magazine’s inaugural issue, the author Matt Lucas contributes the article “Seven Meditations on Wellness”. Lucas is an expert in yoga and martial arts. He is the creator of the Yama method and has trained actors in martial arts in movies such as the blockbuster The Matrix .

You can even find tips about makeup and beauty with our cover star Kasia Pilewicz and Bibi, the host of Beauty Talks with Bibi.

You can learn about female empowerment with author and psychologist Lindsay Sealy, who teaches young women to be their best self.

The Relatable Voice magazine is free of charge and will be published seasonally. Be sure to get your copy of the newest issue out now!