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Vivien Schapera and the Alexander Technique

Who is Vivien Schapera?

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, in the 1950’s, Vivien’s life has been shaped by the culture and consequences of Apartheid South Africa. Specifically, at the tender age of five, during the fall-out from the Sharpeville Massacre, she became aware that one day she would have to leave her country and find a new home. In Everyday Magic (2002 and 2020) Vivien tells the story of growing up in South Africa, with her beloved LGBTQ brother, who became a casualty of Apartheid; progressing to the astonishing vision that summoned her and her family to Cincinnati, OH; and the pioneering path that unfolded for her once in the US.

Vivien began her career by training first in clinical psychology, and then in the Alexander Technique, a hands-on method for retraining neuromuscular dynamics (1983). Through this work, Vivien developed a refined sensitivity to the human energy field, leading her to add healing to her skills. Steeped in traditional academia, and working hand-in-hand with medical professionals, Vivien perceived a future need: the need for healing to become a recognized occupation, with professional training and standards. Vivien and her husband, Neil, were already running a training program for Alexander Teachers (1993). Vivien realized the space, and the equipment should be used for another parallel school, with evening and weekend classes. In 1999, Vivien founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences, a school for training healers.

In accordance with its mission, FourWinds Academy developed courses in Energy Healing, Intuition, Shamanism and Crystal Healing, as well as holding retreats and national conferences. In 2011, the first class of students was admitted to the Healer Certification Program, a one-year training. The most important dynamic of FourWinds Academy is that it is a community. Together the community experiences connection, and together the community goes through the ups and downs of life, sharing the pain of illness, trauma, and bereavement, and the joy of learning, healing and birth.

In addition to individual sessions, classes and courses, Vivien reaches out to people via her writing. Her first book, How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base (1996, currently out of print) was written in response to her Alexander colleagues’ request for help with the entrepreneurial aspects of the profession. Other books by Vivien include How to Lose Weight and Gain Money (2004) and Guided Lessons for Students of the Alexander Technique (2010). In 2017, Vivien founded, a website offering videos, blogs, and courses in Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery, a crystal healing modality developed by Vivien. In 2020, after 25 years of research, Vivien published a groundbreaking textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, documenting new information about energy anatomy and healing. Winner of a 2020 IAN Book of the Year Award, in the Education/Reference category, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery fulfills one of Vivien’s dreams – a professional reference in the field of Energy Healing.

During the pandemic, Vivien was forced to close her doors to in-person sessions, stimulating a new burst of creativity. After a period of sitting and waiting “to see what happens next,” Vivien began giving remote crystal healing sessions, working with people all over the world. Still frustrated that her strategy for promoting her new book had been seriously thwarted, she needed to find another way. With all the “no” energy that the pandemic generated, Vivien recognized that our next step is going to have to be finding “yes.” Consequently, she is now working on a blog series and book called The Life-Changing Power of Yes. And guess what: Saying “Yes!” to doing a series of podcast, internet and radio interviews has led to a new opportunity! In June 2021, Vivien and Neil will begin presenting The Schapera Show on Now everyone can join the conversation as they talk to experts, authors, spirits and crystals exploring this big adventure called Life.

When not teaching, healing or writing, Vivien can be found gardening, cooking and spending time with her two granddaughters. Her other interests include travel, photography and making YouTube videos. Vivien lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, Neil, and two cats, Birdy and Wolfie.

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Teacher, Healer, Author

Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Private Practice as Alexander Teacher and Healer, specializing in crystal healing/crystal surgery.

Co-Director of Alexander Technique of Cincinnati: trains teachers of the Alexander Technique

Founder and Chair of FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences: trains practitioners in Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Intuition and Shamanism. trains practitioners in Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery


Book Titles

How to Establish and Maintain a Strong Client Base (1996) out of print

Everyday Magic Hardbound 2002; E-Book 2020

How to Lose Weight and Gain Money with co-author D. Logan Paperback 2004

Guided Lessons for Students of the Alexander Technique with co-authors N. Dawley and N. Schapera 2010

The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery Hardbound 2020; E-PDF available on website.

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Crystal Surgery and Crystal Healing Techniques: