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Wajid Hassan talks about ‘The Struggle for World Sanity!’

Jamal Abdul Wajid Hassan Khan was born in Pakistan to Muslim parents and raised in England. After settling in England, he became known as Wajid Hassan. He outlines his personal journey that was to lead him at the feet of his own Yogi Master, Dr. George King.

He has lived a interesting and varied life in many fields of endeavor. From a technical background as a Field Service Engineer, to stand-up comedian with over 20 years as a union actor doing voice over, narration, commercials as well as TV and movie roles. He also encompasses over forty years experience in the field of metaphysics, healing, spirituality and new age concepts. An avid hiker, he managed to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006, Africa’s highest mountain in Tanzania.

He is a humanitarian and environmentalist always looking for ways to improve life for people along with a deep love for our Planet and all the plants and animals who reside upon Her back. As a qualified Speaker, Healer and Teacher he can demonstrate how to reignite the spiritual flame within us and send it outwards to all, improving not only our own personal lives but those of every life-stream that live on our beautiful world.

He is one of the only Muslim-born authors writing about new age philosophy. On his inspiration to share his story with the rest of the world, he said, “The draw to new age philosophy was probably due to experiences gained in previous lives one in particular that I remember being a yogi in India.”

“We are all inspired at one time or another to try to make a difference in the world to try to help raise the consciousness of those struggling in their everyday lives. I felt this sense of urgency to share my story so that people can be given a more better understanding of truths which have for the most part been not been revealed to them before,” he said.

In his book, he addressed how women will be leading the world in the future. “A great spiritual renaissance has now started and nothing can stop this wonderful happening,” he said. “Our mother Earth is a living breathing goddess who is now slowly raising up her vibrations yearly as part of this spiritual renaissance. As a female entity, one aspect of her rising will also empower all female life-streams living on her body. This will give women more spiritual power and protection which will allow them to rise above the physical, mental and emotional shackles imposed on them by men over the centuries and will eventually lead them to become compassionate rulers and custodians of this Planet in the not to distant future.”

He came into contact with a UFO in the wilderness. “I was touched by intelligences not of this world who I perceived during this experience as being very ancient, wise, very spiritual and who understand the problems facing mankind. Although very personal to me, I felt it was time to reveal this so that people with open minds could appreciate that we are not alone and that great beings are watching over us and trying to help us at this time by sending beams of uplifting energy to us regularly to help raise us up to our own divine heritage. The contact expanded my consciousness to the unity and oneness of all life in the cosmos and that we are indeed all part of the whole,” he explained.

Hassan spoke about integrating spiritual work with his work as an actor. “We are all spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body gaining experience through life,” he said. “One of the most important things I have learnt in this life is that in order to evolve it is our duty to help others evolve too by being of service to one another. It doesn’t matter what you do as a living so long as you treat it as a way of helping others in this Aquarian age of love and understanding.”

“I try to incorporate this in my day to day life trying to do that to the best of my ability to make a difference in the lives of others for the better,” he added.

I know you just released this book, and are riding the wave of its success but I have to ask – is there another book coming? Are there any other projects in the works?

As you know writing like other creative sciences is inspirational and cannot be forced so if my intuition comes up with another book concept then I will follow that. I have gained hosting experience under the guidance of Marki Costello in Los Angeles who is known as the queen of hosting. As an actor I’m looking into hosting my own New Age show inviting people to share on their ideologies and beliefs to help our Planet and all who live on her. Of course at the same time I will continue to push and make sure the message of my book reaches out to millions who need inspiration and guidance in these very troubled times.

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