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 Lucia Matuonto

Book Author, Talk Show and Podcast Host

"To dream is good and living our dreams should be the ultimate goal."

Beautiful Sunset

Available now!

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This anthology is a collection of short stories designed to make the reader smile.

Inspired by the resilience the world has shown during the pandemic, Lucia Matuonto wanted to add  some positivity, a little light distraction from all the doom and gloom, so she invited authors from all around the world to share their words.
Fourteen unique voices, adding their short stories to this new anthology.

The RELATABLE VOICES anthology is an exciting collaboration, featuring dIverse tales of classic misunderstandings, uplifting love stories and much more.


Out of The Box: A New World 
A fun and engaging children’s book about discovering new places, friendship, and exploring our wonderful world!
Welcome to Grey City! This is a city surrounded by walls with no trees, but full of factories, smog and dirt.
Brother and sister Noah and Mila have lived here their whole life. On their daily walk, their dog Buster digs a hole under the city’s walls and escapes to the other side. Noah and Mila follow him and see a whole new world outside the little box they’ve grown up in. They discover the beautiful Green Town. Out of the Box is the story of an adventure and discovery that allows children to connect with the environment through the eyes of Noah and Mila. It shows us the importance of greener living and how pushing for change is possible!

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About Lucia

Lucia Matuonto is the creator and host of  The Relatable Voice Podcast,  founder and CEO of Relatable Media LLC,  producer and chief editor of The Relatable Voice Magazine and The RV Book Fair).

She is also the host of UNCUT with Lucia  and a bestselling author, with 5 books published to date. Amonge them the Zoe the Crab  series and Out of The Box

Living a Greener Life with Lucia Matuonto’s Book: Out of The Box

Out of The Box: A New World by Lucia Matuonto talks about climate change to children in a refreshing and compassionate way. The issue of climate change and global warming is rampant, which is why the younger generation needs to be aware of the actions that can contribute and make an impact on our society. 

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"I was recently a guest on the podcast. Lucia is so warm and engaging and an expert host. She was able to capture the entirety of my story both personally and professionally with her questions. Make sure to subscribe because you will enjoy taking a virtual trip with her in the RV across the world!"

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