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Zoe the crab: Lost on the Beach

Zoe the Crab is a series of fiction books about courage, strength and friendship. Zoe is a funny little crab who lives on the beach with her family and looks forward to making new friends. She is afraid of exploring the beach because she always needs to run away from humans and other predators. Surviving the dangerous situations is even more difficult for someone who walks sideways and needs help from others. In an accident she loses her claw and gets lost on the beach. Zoe has to struggle to face her fears and find her way home. Can she do it? Let’s find out!

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Zoe the Crab: Mystery Island

Zoe, who is now older and smarter than before, is enjoying summertime with her friends and family on the white sands of her beach. However, a big holiday is approaching and the risk of being trampled on by the multitude of humans that will populate the beach in the coming days, forces Zoe, Mom, Paco, Juan, Ned and Sofia into a four-day reclusion. She is enjoying her last minutes outside with Sofia, when she is suddenly taken away from the beach. Zoe , who is afraid of heights, lands in a dangerous new world, that is full of mysteries and secrets. There, she meets different animals, who are being oppressed by a mean creature and she ends up in the same condition. 

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Zoe the Crab : The Rescue Mission

Zoe the Crab comes back for the final book in the exciting trilogy, with plenty more adventures and life lessons to experience! Following her two previous challenges, Zoe is looking forward to celebrating a much-anticipated summer with her friends and family. Everyone is ready to enjoy a well-deserved, relaxed picnic after all that mayhem! However, as usual, life has something very different planned for her. An unexpected reunion with an old friend reveals that someone dear to them is in danger. There is only one talented group for the job: Zoe the Crab, Ned the Rabbit, and Sofia the Snake. Along with her brothers, she overcomes incredible fears and strengthens the bonds of friendship along the way. Follow Zoe’s journey through yet another mission, this time, to save Molly’s father from evil, experimenting scientists. 

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“Another fun filled book with Zoe the Crab and all her friends and family. The elements of fun and danger are all incorporated in a way that is age appropriate but also allows a lot of room for conversation and problem solving. Well done again! I strongly recommend this book for young kids to read with their parents and teachers.”

Lorrie Homes, kids book reviewer.

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